Angel Avalon

Surviving Love and Sacrifice

The Shadow's Star

Book Six

   You don’t choose your mate. There’s only one soul out there that’s perfect for you. They’re meant to compliment you, give you strength, provide balance, and challenge you to be your best. They’re perfect in every way, but what do you do if your mate is also forbidden? The fates failed us. To love my mate is to ask for death. The only way to survive will be to fight for our lives. Together, we can do it. At least until a being of fire and light threatens to destroy Aerowyn. I don’t know what brought her here, but I’ll do whatever it takes to save my mate and my people. 

Meet Rainier and Cade


   I've spent my life forced to abide by stuffy rules given to me by a title I never wanted. Yet despite the rules, laws, never-ending presence of a guard, and the strict guidelines of decorum, I'm not safe. I'm tired of fighting to be free.

   After running away, again, my father thinks a few more guards and rules will help get me into shape. Little does he know, one of those guards isn't like the others. Cade is everything I could ask for, and everything I can't have. A blood mage and an elemental mage are an illegal pair, but the fates don't seem to care. He's my soulmate, and now I have a new reason to keep fighting.


   I've spent my life serving my king. I've devoted my life to fighting his wars, but when I'm called to the palace to guard his unruly son, something tells me I need to go.

   Rainier is mouthy, wild, and a little short-tempered, as well as scared, fragile, and perfect. He's my soul's mate, but that has to be wrong. We're an illegal pair, and if we're caught together, it'll be our death. I'll do whatever it takes to keep him safe, even if it means fighting against my king.