Angel Avalon

Binding Shadows and Light

The Shadow's Star

Book One

At the ripe old age of sixteen, I faced the reaper himself. A massive shadow with glowing red eyes appeared before me, stepping out of the twisting darkness to claim my soul… Only he didn’t. For some reason, he saved my life, but with a cost. Years later, I’m still struggling to contain whatever force he awoke in me. Now the thing is back, but he’s not what I thought he was. Nothing is. Suddenly my life is thrown into chaos. One wrong move and it’ll be my end, as well as everyone else around me.

Meet Liam and Aiden


I didn’t ask for this. My life was normal right up until some jerk ran me over with a car. Whatever came out of the shadows that night to save me, changed everything. I can feel it. A power I can’t control, and it’s growing. I’ve done everything I can, but each time I think I’ve finally figured it out, things only get worse. I’m a walking, ticking time bomb and I’m not sure if anything will survive if, or when, I explode. Despite all that, I’ve done my best. I want to do something that uses the abilities that thing gave me. My aim is to do as much good in the world as I can before this destroys me.

When all shit hits the fan and I can't hold it back anymore, my buddy Chris gets me as far from people as possible. One epic, forest decimating blast later, and the shadowed thing from that night comes back. For some reason, he finds me curious and swears this isn’t his fault. Not that I believe him. People don’t just suddenly develop powers like this and I was human before him. He promises to help me, and what else can I do but accept? I know I’m not going to make it on my own, but maybe the stunning demon looking man can help me.


Imagine my surprise when I heard my name being summoned, only to answer and find a kid seconds from death and sprawled across a road. Amused, I decided to save him for no other reason than the fact that a human kid managed to twist a spell strong enough to call a Shadow. That should have been it, but for years I’ve been ignoring him as he keeps calling. Why would a human be so set on summoning a Shadow? And how did he learn that type of magic to begin with?

After a particularly loud call, I decide to check it out, only to find him grown up and sitting at the edge of a blast zone. I’ve never known a human who could wield such power, and my curiosity gets the better of me. I have to know more. He’s a beautiful creature and there’s a part of me that demands I get close to him, but it’s not that easy. He blames me for whatever is happening to him. After learning more, it’s crystal clear that he’s not exactly human. What he is, though, remains a mystery that I’m determined to solve and I’ll need to do it quickly. I can feel it in him. The power is eating away at his life, and if I don’t figure something out soon, the curious creature that’s captured my heart will destroy himself.