Angel Avalon

Exposing the Paranormal

By: Angel Avalon

   The channel was called Exposing the Paranormal, but neither of us actually thought we’d catch something. We both knew there were creatures out there, I was living proof of it, but we never expected this. What was supposed to be a night of hunting ghosts, turned into a discovery of something so much more. A hidden world we knew nothing about. Suddenly our quiet life was turned upside down. Humans from around the world noticed us, as well as the Sanguines, and I’m not sure which one to fear more.

Meet Raven and Takeo


   I've lived my life in the human world. Never knowing my own kind, or that there was anything else out there. Beth took me in when I was small and became my home. My world, but after a discovery neither of us could have predicted, all of that changed.

   Takeo is terrifying, and my instincts scream that he's deadly, but he's also kind, and claims he can help me. He knows about my kind. I want to believe him, but there has to be a reason for my instincts, right?


   I've always been driven by curiosity, but typically I manage to stay out of trouble better. When a mortal love passes, I find myself lost and accidently exposed, by a shifter of all creatures. 

   She's a curious thing. Young and skittish, but there's something more to her. Something that calls to me. I need to know her. To speak to her, and to get close. Too bad I terrify her. Still, I can't stop myself from reaching out to her and hoping she'll let me in.