Angel Avalon

Embracing Death and Life

The Shadow's Star 

Book Four

They’ve caught me, broken my will to live, and bound me to servitude. As long as I’m on Talysear, I’m their weapon to use in any war they please. The only option left is to leave. After narrowly escaping Spring Court, I’m finally in the world I intended to see all along. Aerowyn, the land of the ruling blood mages. They’re not exactly accepting of me, but it could be worse. I refuse to be helpless again. I’ll never serve another king and I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that not only am I safe, but the one I love as well. To do that, I’ll have to embrace the one thing I’ve spent my life hiding, my connection with death. When my path crosses with a being that radiates energy and power, I know there’s no other choice. Liam is loud, crude, and deadly, but I’m not one to judge based on what someone is. The only thing I can do is hope that I’ve trained enough and that he remains an ally, not an enemy. 

Meet Sylden and Amara


    My affinity with death is my curse, but it could also be my saving. They’ve caught me, enslaved me, and now they want me to fight. I’ve always avoided using that side and have no idea how to fight with it, but if I want to survive, I’ll need to learn how. They say there’s no gift deadlier than mine, and perhaps with time, I can live up to those fears. 


   My home is gone. A monster has taken it from me, yet I’m not afraid. With Sylden by my side, I have faith that we can create a new one. He’s nothing like they said he’d be. They said he was a monster, but he’s kind and caring in a way I’ve never met before. My only hope is that his affinity doesn’t end up costing him his life.