Angel Avalon

Freeing Death and Life

The Shadow's Star

Book Three

   Necromancy is an illegal form of magic. One that the bearer of the ability has zero say in getting. I didn’t ask to be born the way I am, but it will cost me my life if I’m caught. We’re hunted for an ability very few understand. They believe us to be evil and fear our power, but I’ve never hurt a living soul in my life. All I’ve ever wanted was a peaceful life but as long as I’m in my world, that’ll never happen. Elves are Planeswalkers. I could leave, but only if I can manage to blend in with my own people long enough to get the supplies required to do so. After years of hiding, I decide to take the chance, and nothing goes as planned. When you’re hunted by your own people, how far will you go to escape?

Meet Sylden and Amara


   I was born of two courts and belonged to neither. An unwanted mixed-blood child, cursed with an affinity that would be my death. Necromancy is illegal and those unfortunate enough to connect with the element of death are hunted. It doesn’t matter that the bearer has no say in what ability they gain, nor does it matter how they use it. We’re feared for what we could become, and for a good reason. There is no gift as deadly as mine. They see me as evil, despite the fact that I’ve spent my life using my gifts to protect others.

   I’ve spent my life in hiding with only the company of the dead, including a half-dead fox named Yosu. The peace and quiet of nature has its charm, but I crave more. I want a real life. I want to be free. When I chose to move into a town for the first time, I quickly learn things aren’t as easy as they look. Elves are cruel to those that don’t belong. One wrong move and it’ll be my end.


   The only worth I have is my title, and my ability to heal. There’s no escaping the eye of my people, or the duties of the crown. I crave to be free. To see the world outside of my gilded cage. When I fail to carry on my line, they have no use for me in the castle anymore. I’m to be sent away where they can use the only thing I have left, my ability to give my life to heal.

   Desperate and alone, I befriend a peculiar fox who leads me to a man I’m told to fear. He’s a necromancer and could strip my life away with a single touch. Stories say they’re cruel and evil, yet I keep returning to speak with him. He’s the only one that listens to me. Sylden has no idea who I am. He doesn’t care about my ability, or my lineage. The more he talks the more I learn that the stories about his kind are wrong, and the more I find myself falling for him.