Angel Avalon

Shifted Views

By: Angel Avalon

   Life has a twisted sense of humor. First, it goes and strips a wolf from his pack, then puts him with a human family, in a city of all places. It's no wonder that Remi's views are so jaded. The best thing for a lone wolf to do is to keep their head down and try not to draw attention. Too bad for Remi, life fucked that up too. Now he's caught the eye of someone who promises both pleasure, and a world of pain. Gabriel is vain, cocky, and everything Remi would like to avoid. Only he can't. His wolf won't let him. Now he has to figure out how to survive the new twist life has thrown his way.

Meet Remi and Gabriel


   As a wolf raised in the city by humans, my luck couldn’t be any worse. I’m isolated, jaded, and a freak. Life has left its mark across my skin, literally, and proved I don’t belong here, or with my own kind. The best I can do is accept my fate and find what little peace I can. A quiet apartment to drink away my nights, a bed with someone I can safely remain unattached to, and a few fights to burn off frustrations. That’s all I need. Or, at least all I think I need.

   When everything I’d ever craved stepped out of the shadows to ask for a smoke, I should have run right then and there. He’s exactly what I’d want, and exactly what I can never have. Getting attached only brings pain. A type of pain I’ve had enough of. The trouble is, I didn’t run, and he kept showing up. Now my life is spiraling, and I don’t know if it’ll be for the better, or be my end.


   It was supposed to be quick and easy cash. Show up, fight the poor sucker who didn't know what he was up against, and then get the hell out of the city. That was until the fighter before me caught my attention by sprinting off from a fight the moment his opponent dropped. A shifter should know not to do these things if they’re not controlled, and a wolf should avoid them at all costs on a full moon. There’s something about him, though. Something that draws me in, and it’s not just his unique looks.

   I’ve spent the last eight years running and hiding and had zero intentions of getting close to someone, ever again. I’m not ready to face those fears, yet here I am, stalking a wolf like he’s my prey. Curiosity has the cat, and I’m left hoping this doesn’t destroy what little peace I’ve managed to find.