Angel Avalon

A peek into Angel Avalon's world

It all started with a single story that grew too big for one print. After creating The Shadow's Star series, I couldn't help but love the feeling of leaving the trail of hints to discover an old character. There was a giddy thrill to reintroducing someone. When the choice was made to make stand-alone novels, I couldn't keep them fully separate. I loved weaving the stories of all of my beloved characters into one large world. Can you read one without the other? Sure. Each is their own story, with their own mates, and has everything you need to know. All except for the series itself can be read in any order and you'll understand everything just fine. That said, you'll be missing out on the hidden cameos and secrets. Do you love Silas and The Red Tide as much as Gabriel? Ever wonder what an elf has been doing with his time on Earth? Curious if anyone escaped the attack on Spring Court? Maybe you want to know about the mind reading Sanguine and his pie loving mate? Stick around and find out.