Angel Avalon

The Dragon's Mate

By: Angel Avalon

I gave up my soul for my people, becoming a monster to save them, and they turned their backs on me. Now a dragon wishes to claim me and add me to his hoard. He swears it’s more than that, but I learned my lesson about trusting others. Nothing good ever comes from it.  

Meet Draz and Xan


   Draz: I gave everything for my world, including my soul, and for what? For them to turn me away with looks of disgust and hatred. I won’t make that mistake again. The best place for me is a world torn apart by war. At least there I can put my skills to use and serve a purpose. Being part of a Dragon’s hoard wasn’t part of the plan. They’re supposed to be a formidable species, known for their strength and fierceness, but Xan is nothing like that. The shy, overgrown klepto seems hell bent on keeping me, but the more he’s around, the more I start to question why. Not that it matters. I’ve learned my lesson. It’s better to be alone, for his sake and mine.


   Xan: With my species on the brink of extinction and my world in ruins, I’ve retreated to a horrid place free of magic, only to find it invaded by the same monsters that took my home. I know I should leave, that it’s not safe, but something keeps pulling me here. What, I don’t know. At least, not until I stumbled across Draz, a mage turned Lich. He’s an ass and as stubborn as they come, but I can see the kind heart he desperately tries to hide. The Dragon side of me insists on keeping him near. Whether it’s to be part of our hoard, or something else, I don’t know. All I care about is proving to Draz that he’s worthy and doesn’t have to be alone.