Angel Avalon

Protecting Shadows and Light

The Shadow's Star

Book Two

Years later, Aiden, for some bizarre reason, is still putting up with me and all my glorious chaos. I’m starting to think the man might be insane. He’s as perfect as ever, and it’s too damn good to be true. Everyone knows when things are too perfect, that's when the fuckery happens. When my luck runs out, fate catches up. Or should I say, Mother catches up.

Meet Liam and Aiden


Two years with Aiden and he’s got to be some parts crazy because he’s still sticking around. The man continues to spoil me day after day with a constant supply of coffee and a hot bubble bath after work. He’s still cooking for me and still keeping me up and going. I couldn’t have asked for a better mate to be bound with for life.

I knew when all of this started that our time was limited. I’d hoped to be able to live out a nice little human life before they found me, but a human doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me. When my mother randomly shows up, the human one, not Divine, all hell breaks loose and my perfect life starts to fall apart, leaving me desperate and scrambling to hold it all together. Just when I think I might be able to fix things the last piece is taken from me. I’m left to choose between my human life, or exposing my Divine side. The choice is easy, but the consequences might cost me everything.


The last two years with Liam have been the best years of my fairly long life. For once, I have a place that feels like home. My mate is perfect, for me. He’s clever, witty, sarcastic, and smart, with a bit of chaos in the mix to keep things interesting. What more could a Shadow ask for?

When Liam’s human life starts to unravel, I know our peaceful life is coming to an end. From the day we were bound I swore to myself that I would do anything in my power to keep him safe. I would be the weapon to protect him, the shield to defend him, and the sacrifice to control him. I’d hoped we’d have more time before I had to keep that promise, but it looks like our time is up.