Angel Avalon

About the Author

The first thing to know, is that I'm introverted, shy, and a tad bit anxious... Okay, extremely anxious. The second would be that I'm dyslexic. For the longest time I would daydream up elaborate stories that stretched out over weeks worth of time, but never felt that I could express or share them. Eventually, I found myself with an absurd amount of downtime and nothing better to do than give it a try. *cough cough, covid, cough* With the creation of Binding Shadows and Light, the world was born. With a bit of bravery, I shared it with the first person and it took off. All of this was created to bring Liam and Aiden into the world, and I have no intentions of ever stopping once they're released. My hope is that maybe someone out there will hear the story about how a shy dyslexic kid reached for the stars to catch their dream, and created a world. Maybe it'll inspire more to reach for theirs.

Now, the more amusing things to know... I'm caffeine addicted and likely consume more Monster than any one human really needs. I'm a lover of music and create playlists to inspire each story. I love anything creative and would absolutely love to see what any of you have created. I'm a hoarder of fruit snacks, but only the good squishy kinds. I love to write about fantasy, paranormal romances, and fated mates. My preferred pairing is M/M, though I do have a few that are M/F.

If there's anything you'd like to know, I'm open to messages, just follow one of the links below to a social media of your choice!