Angel Avalon

The Siren's Scream

By: Angel Avalon

   There's only one thing in this world Silas fears. Vampires. After his life takes a turn for the worst, Silas finds himself face to face with the living embodiment of his nightmares. Cassius seems like he wants to help, but his kind has been hunting Sirens since they first started coming on land. They can't be trusted. Too bad for Silas it's going to take working with the bloodsucker if he wants to get through this alive.

Meet Cassius and Silas


   It was the opportunity of a lifetime. For over seventy years I’d lived in the shadows. Hiding what I was in fear of humans discovering the truth. What good was immortality if you weren’t free to actually live? There was an entire world out there and I refused to stay hidden any longer. I was going to live my life how I saw fit, exploring and experiencing everything life had to offer. What better way to do that than one port at a time? It was perfect. I could set sail with the humans and travel as far as the seas could take us.

   The ship itself wasn’t huge but I had my own room to use when I needed to hide away from the sun. That’s all I really needed. Well, maybe that and the attention of the fairly attractive human chef they had on board. I’m sure the two of us could find plenty of ways to pass the time.

   What could go wrong? We were the apex predators on land. There was absolutely nothing to fear from a ship of humans. It was perfect. I knew without a doubt that this would change my life and I couldn’t have been more excited. I was positive this was the best idea I’d ever had.


   How in the hell did I end up here? I hadn’t been near the ocean in over thirty years. I enjoyed my life on land. I’d spent it wandering and exploring. There was zero desire to return home. Okay, that was a lie but still. There’s a huge difference between going home to the deep and being stuck on a giant ship floating on top of it.

   The thing was a floating monstrosity of a mansion and was packed full of humans. Somehow I was supposed to spend a week singing with my band, all while hiding what I truly was. All it would take was a few drops of water and I’d be exposed. The secret I’d kept hidden for a few hundred years would be plastered across every social media site known to man.

   What could really go wrong, though? I was the apex predator of the sea. They were crossing onto my domain. I just needed to survive a week, that’s all. Looking up at the ship, I knew without a doubt that this was going to change my life and I couldn’t have been more terrified. This was absolutely the worst idea anyone has ever had.